Tytuł stanowiska: IT Software Engineer
Rodzaj pracy: Umowa o pracę
Wymiar etatu: Full-time
Lokalizacja: TW
Ogłszenie opublikowane: 15-02-2023
Numer oferty: 32403

Opis stanowiska

Ogłoszenie opublikowane przez Professionals Group sp. z o.o., agencję zatrudnienia zarejestrowaną w KRAZ pod nr 23835 / Advertisement published by Professionals Group sp. z o.o., an employment agency registered in KRAZ under no 23835.


Building world-class cloud native infrastructure and ramping to high-volume production is key to enabling company to scale worldwide. We are looking for a highly motivated engineer to join our global systems development team to support our fabrication worldwide. The ideal candidate is highly technical with multi-discipline engineering skillset, that can push the limits of complex system design at large scale.
  • Develop state-of-the-art applications
  • Continue to refactor existing applications
  • Write and pass various kinds of tests (unit/feature/integration) to ensure software quality
  • Apply software design principles, such as 12-factor app, to ensure software quality
  • Ensure sustainability and performance of applications by working with SRE to define SLI/SLO and providing metrics for monitoring/alerting
  • Collaborate with peers in design, pair programming and code reviews
  • Willing to learn new IT technology
  • BS degree or above in Computer Science, Information engineering, Industry Engineering, Statistics or Mathematic related fields, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
  • Experience in TypeScript/JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, F#, C#, Python, Rust or other relevant programming languages
  • Good at algorithms and data structures
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills with proactive problem-solving capability
  • Experience with managing container-based workloads, using Kubernetes or other orchestration software is a plus
  • Familiar with Functional Programming, Object-oriented programming or other programming paradigms is a plus
  • AI or related experience is a plus
  • Familiar with source code version control tools or services like Git, GitLab, GitHub, etc.
Personal Attributes
Highly motivated, critical thinking, and team player
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